Whitenicious By Dencia Africa

Sun Burn Face Fixer Cream




This sunburn fixer Cream was designed to gently treat and prevent cellular discolouration of the skin, this rejuvenating face cream combines active ingredients  for unparalleled skin brightening and tonal balancing. It moisturizes, softens, hydrates, nourishes and brightens the skin as well as minimises age spots and discoloration from sunburn - leaving skin clear and renewed. Benefits include increased firmness and elasticity.

In this product, Pro-Vitamin B5, essential botanical extracts, vital minerals, peptides and vitamins help users achieve and maintain a more even and radiant skin tone.




How To Use

Apply on cleansed skin after Cleansing face . Use all over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area for maximum result. It instantly brightens the skin , plumping from within for a healthy glow and radiant vitality.  


It takes atleast 90 days to see complete change,a lot of people will notice the changes within the first 3 weeks but it's importent to continue this process,your skin renews itself every 21 days.


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