Whitenicious By Dencia Africa

Intimate Area Cream


Whitenicious Intimate brightening cream is a safe and powerful skin lightening cream which has been developed specifically for the intimate areas of the body. Created with proven brightening agents and soothing herbal extracts, Whitenicious Intimate brightening cream is safe and very effective for vaginal,anal, nipples,penis and scrotum as well.


Our  Intimate brightening cream was engineered without harsh chemicals or perfumes which reduces the risk of irritation to sensitive skin areas. We have combined powerful active ingredient with organic skin lightening ingredients to create a well-balanced cream for anal and vaginal brightening which will reduce dark areas and spots on intimate area.



It takes atleast 90 days to see complete change,a lot of people will notice the changes within the first 3 weeks but it's importent to continue this process,your skin renews itself every 21 days.



There are two steps to the lightening process as follow


1. Prepare the area for lightening : Shave if necessary and then thoroughly clean and dry the area. exfoliating at this point will help speed the process up a bit. You need to be gentle when exfoliating delicate areas, as lightening creams shouldn’t be applied to broken skin. It’s easier, to do all of this while you’re in the shower.


2. Apply Cream : The cream should only be applied externally and should be rubbed in until it is completely absorbed. For best results this should be done twice daily, both morning and night, until you achieve the lighter color you desire. Once your skin is a shade you are happy with, you can stop applying the cream. You will only need to start using a lightening product again, if your skin goes back to a darker color that you aren’t happy with

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