Whitenicious By Dencia Africa

Caramel Glow Lotion




Our caramel Glow Lotion is made from pure plant extracts that helps your skin instantly glow and gives you a caramelicious look as it effectively penetrates deep into the skin, removing dead cells from the surface and boosting cell renewal, leaving the skin glowing, flawless and beautiful.

This Caramel Glow Lotion Brightens Skin evenly, Removes Skin blemishes, Evens skin tone, Stops & slows down  hyper-pigmentation while giving a Silky Luxurious skin glow.



How to use :


Apply a generous amount  on your body after having a shower morning & evening.Use religiously For Atleast a month for results.




It takes atleast 90 days to see complete change,a lot of people will notice the changes within the first 3 weeks but it's importent to continue this process,your skin renews itself every 21 days.


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