Brightening & Slimming Detox Tea


Whitenicious brightening Slimming detox Tea is a loose leaf tea packed in 4 individual tea bags that contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients to help brighten , detox & slim your body! Each package includes 8 bags (78.4 grams) tea, and is meant to be used twice a week . This tea is Gluten  and GMO free. The tea  stimulates your body for a natural cleanse and brightens your skin  . Our Tea will help you lose weight & brighten skin. Combine  with exercise & a healthy diet  for best results Our Slimming Tea will have you feeling energized and ready to get the sexy body & skin tone you’ve dreamed of!





Dandelion ,Senna Leaf, Licorice,Fennel, Chamomile, Camellia sinensis

How To Use.


*Use Twice a week

*Drink after or immediately before eating dinner

*Place one bag of Whitenicious Tea in a tea cup with handle.

*Fill coffee cup with hot water or a hot juice of your choice like orange or pineapple juice and let it steep in for 20 minutes (If you want to make it more effective, cover cup and steep for 30 minutes)

*Adding a small amount honey or lemon for added natural taste, if desired

*Drink it when you feel comfortable with the temperature


Whitenicious Brightening Slimming Tea can promote:


*Skin brightening/lightening

*Weight Loss

*Clean Colon

*Boost Energy

*Healthier Digestive System

*Reduce Bloating




* Caffeine Free

*This is not a medication




Legal Disclaimer :

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.






*Do not exceed recommended dose

*Do not use while breast feeding or pregnant  

*Do not use if you have Crohn disease or similar digestive conditions. Please see photo of back of tea bag for more information. 

*Consult your physician first if you have any concerns. 


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