Whitenicious By Dencia Africa

Half Cast Body Lotion



Every inch of your body deserves the same protection and replenishment as your face. Light as air yet extravagantly rich, our Half Cast  Body Lotion is a treatment for your whole body. Enriched with organic ingredients , it nourishes and energizes while hydrating with a unique, silky texture leaving your skin silky soft, smooth,firm and lighter As it Helps increase firmness ,density ,elasticity Restores and maintains skin moisture,Attenuates roughness, flakiness and unevenly textured skin,Leaves skin silky soft, smooth and flawless As it Lightens & whitens the skin






Pure indulgence for the whole body. Apply AM/PM after showering or bathing. For best results, apply within three minutes of showering or bathing to enhance moisture retention.




It takes atleast 90 days to see complete change,a lot of people will notice the changes within the first 3 weeks but it's importent to continue this process,your skin renews itself every 21 days.


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