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FDA Approved Weight Loss Shot Semaglutide

$ 550

 FDA Approved Weight loss Shot 

No amount of liposuction and gym workouts can stop the cravings and suppress the eating but this shot can.

Time to stay fit and lose as much as 15 - 30 pounds pounds a month 




Self-administered injections Fda approved Shots 


WlAS  Dose is to be used once a week. The available dosage frames includes 4 uses for 4 weeks,with  efficacy to suppress appetite  and loss up to 15 pounds in 30 days Mostly a  higher dose  also caused greater weight loss. WIAS is injected subcutaneously in the arm, upper arm or stomach area. It is not to be injected into a muscle or a pain. Each pen of WIAS is supplied to be used by each individual.

The ideal way of using WIAS is to get the dose once a week on the same day every week, at any time on that day. You can administer WIAS with or without food. Some important points for WIAS dose are:



*You only need to take WIAS once a week


•    You should start with a dose of 0.25 mg injection in the initial 4 weeks.
•    After 4 weeks, you can increase the dose up to 0.5 mg more for the next 4 weeks. 




video on how to administer 




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