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  • Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Collection is here

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    Whitenicious Inc. Announces New Partnership with Entertainer/Artist/Beauty Mogul, Blac Chyna, For The Diamond Illuminating & Brightening Facial Skin Cream

    {Los Angeles, California Monday November19, 2018}Whitenicious Inc., a global skincare beauty brand, Introduces The Diamond Illuminating & Lightening facial cream for the” Blac Chyna Collectionto kick off the holiday SeasonIn celebration of “Cyber Monday” and “Black Friday”. The cyber launch will take centerfold on November 19, 2018 on their official chyna Black Chyna Collection.” Encrustedin real diamonds with its jar covered in Swarovski crystals is here to disrupt the skincare market. This cream provides SPF/UV protection when used regularly. It also restores, illuminates, tightens, firms and moisturizes the face.

    Skincare is very important to me as an entertainer and business woman, I’ve been in the beauty industry for several years and having flawless facial skin underneath my makeup is the ultimate goal at all times. I’ve usedother products under Whitenicious for the last few years, so this collaboration with the brand is to support, assist and guide other women around the world with introducing easy-to-use friendly products for their daily facial care regiments” –Blac Chyna addspage1image5939904


    Whitenicious was inspired to create this partnership and formula under the B/C collection to celebrate the beauty hidden in every type of complexion. Just like the brand and its new ambassador, Blac Chyna; this product speaks high quality infused with edge appeal and beauty. Made in the USA, California precisely, the Blac Chyna collection is available online beginning Monday November 19, 2018 chyna.

    About The Diamond Illuminating & Brightening Facial Cream--

    With every jar, Whitenicious x Blac Chyna speaks luxury, rich in protection, moisturization, andillumination of our skin’s naturalbeauty. This illuminating face cream provides radiant protection. As we age over time, our skin becomes drier creating uneven skin tones, becomes dull, visible lines & wrinkles begin to appear and interrupt our skin's natural glow.

    Just like Blac Chyna, the brand is
    both sensual and feminine, with a
    complexion-focused product
    developed to work together and
    provide everyone with
    Blac Chyna’s
    real-life method for killer radiance,
    luminous skin, Whitenicious X Blac
    Chyna collection was created for
    women of all skin tones and types
    who want to regain their youthful
    glow , Every crystal on the jar is a
    reminder of the diamond beauty
    inside everyone. Blac Chyna
    believes that being photo-ready
    even without makeup means being
    dark spot free, hyperpigmentation
    free and younger looking
    Dermatologist tested this hand-
    crafted cream is made in California.
    The diamond illuminating &brightening
    cream is the key to unlocking all your flawless skin’s limitlesspossibilities.


    In addition to establishing the partnership with Blac Chyna, Whitenicious will also mark the 6th anniversary of its iconic skincare brightening products. To celebrate the anniversary of its foundation, Whitenicious plans to collaborate in effective and innovative products with a select group of celebrities to be announced at a later date.

    Recapture the luminosity of younger-looking healthy facial skin!

    • ✓  Gives a brightening glow for younger-looking facial skin

    • ✓  Helps renew texture

    • ✓  Hydrates and helps retain luminosity

    • ✓  Gives a temporary lift and helps restore firmness and elasticity over time

    • ✓  Revitalizes facial skin hydration

    • ✓  Restores younger-looking contours

    • ✓  Brightens and lightens without bleaching skin out

    • ✓  Cream preserves facial texture and tone

    • ✓  Reduces visibility of aging spots areas

    • ✓  Improves the appearance of dull, discolored

      facial skin, and ignites illuminating

      enhancements in uneven stubborn areas

    • ✓  Leaves the skin feeling firmer while refining

      the texture


      An extraordinary, transformative experience. This
      rich cream is the height of luxury, combatting visible
      signs of dull facial skin offering dual-action wrinkle
      control to effectively reduce the appearance of lines
      and wrinkles and maintain skin’s firmness as it brightens and lightens with regular usage.

      About Whitenicious, The Luxury Skincare Brand--

      The global skincare brand is the ultimate skincare luxury house created to fit every complexion, every personality or ethnicity and their skincare needs. Whitenicious is the leader in luxury skincare, present in over 30 countries around the world with a significant e-commerce presence. Synonymously not only with luxury, Whitenicious is known for its innovation, performance, and fast-acting high-end products - the purity, precision, innovation and craftsmanship inherent to the extraordinary land that saw the brand's inception in 2013. Whitenicious endeavors to fulfill a quest for timeless beauty through the highest standards of advanced technology combined with exquisite formulations and elegant packaging all hand-made and handcrafted in California - elevating innovative science.


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    International Pop Artist,Designer,philanthropist  and Entrepreneur, Dencia announces International Meet & Greet Fashion & Beauty Glam Tour,And Aims to invest $100,000 in seed investment per business to up to 100 small startup businesses.

    International Pop Artist and Beauty Entreprenuer Dencia, will commence an international tour to meet and greet with her fans. She will reveal valuable insights into how she built a multi million dollar beauty skin care line in received commercial success in a relatively short period of time.Announced cities include Atlanta, New York, Miami, Lagos and London,DMV,Paris Houston and Los Angeles . Dates and registration tickets are available on

    In 2013 Dencia launched whitenicious as a dark spot remover.  The product received great user reviews and does not contain typical harmful ingredients typically found in most other available brands such as hydroquinone, mercury and steroids. . Dencia will discuss how she bootstrapped her business and reached $10.2 million in sales from over 3200,000 clients within her first year in business. Dencia will also reveal a lucrative business opportunity to start your own beauty company and benefit from the multi-billion dollar beauty/Fashion industry.
    The aim of the beauty and fashion glam tour is to connect with my fans and other positive minded individuals across the world. " As I work on my musical debut in the USA,I want to spend my weekend helping others,I literally have vocal,dance and regular classes all week and Weekends are going to be about giving back.I'm eager to find and discuss smart innovative ideas that offer solutions in the beauty or fashion industry and willing to invest up to $100,000 as seed capital investment" states Dencia, The idea is to inspire creativity and also demonstrate the importance of pursuing your dreams. I have a passion for music, beauty and fashion, I personally design all my clothes that I perform in or wear to the On a daily basis and to award shows.Having attended fashion shows across the world including  New York, Paris, London and Tokyo, I take fashion quite seriously and want to partner up with a fashion start up with an innovative concept. Hopefully I can meet a few such people or companies during the tour.I see a lot of young men and women like me trying to startup businesses but fail almost unifies tell because of the lack of support backlash and just getting the process from ground up legally,I personally started my company alone and had my sisters join in to help me,as of today I have over 20 employees around the world and 7 working at our office in Los Angeles" said Dencia.
    To learn More About Dencia 
    Registration is $100 and includes refreshments and $150 in beauty products.Makeup Artists,celebrities and other successful entrepreneurs will also be speakers at this event.
    Tour dates and registration details are available on

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