International Pop Artist,Designer,philanthropist  and Entrepreneur, Dencia announces International Meet & Greet Fashion & Beauty Glam Tour,And Aims to invest $100,000 in seed investment per business to up to 100 small startup businesses.

International Pop Artist and Beauty Entreprenuer Dencia, will commence an international tour to meet and greet with her fans. She will reveal valuable insights into how she built a multi million dollar beauty skin care line in received commercial success in a relatively short period of time.Announced cities include Atlanta, New York, Miami, Lagos and London,DMV,Paris Houston and Los Angeles . Dates and registration tickets are available on

In 2013 Dencia launched whitenicious as a dark spot remover.  The product received great user reviews and does not contain typical harmful ingredients typically found in most other available brands such as hydroquinone, mercury and steroids. . Dencia will discuss how she bootstrapped her business and reached $10.2 million in sales from over 3200,000 clients within her first year in business. Dencia will also reveal a lucrative business opportunity to start your own beauty company and benefit from the multi-billion dollar beauty/Fashion industry.
The aim of the beauty and fashion glam tour is to connect with my fans and other positive minded individuals across the world. " As I work on my musical debut in the USA,I want to spend my weekend helping others,I literally have vocal,dance and regular classes all week and Weekends are going to be about giving back.I'm eager to find and discuss smart innovative ideas that offer solutions in the beauty or fashion industry and willing to invest up to $100,000 as seed capital investment" states Dencia, The idea is to inspire creativity and also demonstrate the importance of pursuing your dreams. I have a passion for music, beauty and fashion, I personally design all my clothes that I perform in or wear to the On a daily basis and to award shows.Having attended fashion shows across the world including  New York, Paris, London and Tokyo, I take fashion quite seriously and want to partner up with a fashion start up with an innovative concept. Hopefully I can meet a few such people or companies during the tour.I see a lot of young men and women like me trying to startup businesses but fail almost unifies tell because of the lack of support backlash and just getting the process from ground up legally,I personally started my company alone and had my sisters join in to help me,as of today I have over 20 employees around the world and 7 working at our office in Los Angeles" said Dencia.
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Registration is $100 and includes refreshments and $150 in beauty products.Makeup Artists,celebrities and other successful entrepreneurs will also be speakers at this event.
Tour dates and registration details are available on

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